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Fans of the “Star Wars” story are enchanted by the new version game “The Old Republic”. In a world dominated by war, full of action and split in two powers this game invites to adventure. It’s up to each player to decide on who side to be, part of the Galactic Republic or Sith Empire. You play in group but you have your own character to guide in different challenges. You play and gain experience, gain powers and abilities with that coming the satisfaction of the game. Alone to do your missions is just one part of the game as the intention is to follow a group. What exactly is the game adventure? You can explore many planets, have your own ship- buy it along with others stuff using SWTOR credits after you earn that right by playing and the weapons being the main interest-, be part of the heroic war scenes in the galaxy. It’s complex and full of adrenaline, the captivating part being the one that guarantees the success- as for the game itself as for the players that are full of passion and along with the novelty of the situation they crave for more.
But here comes the part some find annoying, some find an opportunity to gain more than just a pleasure to play a game. It’s the experience that has a word to say and without patience to reach a level when you can buy new weapons and things that improve the quality of your character. It’s an industry with such practice methods. To buy SWTOR credits may sound a little bit ridiculous when you place the pleasure of the game above everything. But the lack of time beats that and when you simply can’t wait to play again and again to end a mission you find someone better than you ready to give you the credits, the character already build with power and chances to defeat your enemies. How exactly it works? Different servers sell and with a diversity of prices. Probably it’s up to how much you are willing to pay. And why would you do that? Because you can explore more your options, your abilities and gaming is one fun source for that. First it’s how you make, earn that credits at this game. For the beginners or anyway not that experienced cases of persons who just go this idea there are so many tutorials to learn about but creativity and your own strategy is the original source so to gain more and easier.
First to obtain credits you got to understand this. In the game it works almost as in real life; it’s an economy where without money you can’t do much. So in exchange of some favors you get what you deserve and what was worthy for a specific mission. That could be about helping a character, find an object, fight with someone, a variety of possibilities that you’ll discover along with the galaxy exploration. Intriguing, curious to see what’s next, to gain credits and see what’s next available to get, with all that reasons it’s never time to get bored about it. Stimulates your mind, getting you involved more and more it’s hard to refuse the temptation. Mostly when it’s rewarding. And if your mind works in the name of strategies to make profits out of the SWTOR credits you can buy and resell, of course with difference of prices to make profits. With attention on the tendencies on different servers where one can buy/sell such credits observe what’s the request as to come with the best offer; sometimes the same amount or the same character with have a visible difference of price from server to server.

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Begeren Colony, Jedi Covenant, Jung Ma, Prophecy of the Five, The Bastion, The Ebon Hawk, The Harbinger, The Shadowlands


Sith Empire, Galactic Republic

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